You should be reading The Hustle.

A note from Jamie of the List:

The awesome folks at The Hustle* made me an Ambassador!! (Now, don’t get all excited. It’s just an honorary title. But feel free to call me Ambassador Jamie whenever we see each other next).

Being an ‘ambassador” essentially means I get entered to win free stuff like snarky stickers when folks sign up with this link.  Stickers aside, I am recommending it because I love reading it and think you guys will too. I’ve even converted the team at Momenta to read it daily. Once you sign up, you can be an Ambassador too and we can start a visual media mafia in the ranks and then stage a glorious coup!

Seriously, if you aren’t reading it, you are missing out on a great e-digest of the top 4 stories in tech and business news every M-F.  Plus, the Friday Shower Thoughts are one of the highlights of my week. ;)

Here’s the link to sign up for the newsletter: