AUCTION: Michel du Cille Scholarship Benefit Auction

If you are looking for a wonderful way to increase your art collection, consider buying a piece from the Michel du Cille Scholarship Benefit Auction

There is simply outstanding work from Stephen Crowley, Mark Dolan, Bill Frakes, Melanie Burford, Cathaleen Curtiss, Jahi Chikwendiu, Paula Bronstein, H Darr Beiser, Susan Biddle, Christopher Capozziello, Aristide Economopoulos, Carol Guzy, Robert Hanashiro, Marvin Joseph, Nikki Kahn, Ed Kashi, Yunghi Kim, Pete Marovich, Pablo Martinez Monsivais, Jesse Neider, Eli Reed, Dayna Smith, William Snyder, Chip Somodevilla, Chris Usher, Jay Westcott, Donald R. Winslow, Michael S. Williamson, BP Miller, Michelle McLoughlin, and so many others!