About Jamie

Hi! I’m Jamie. I’m the COO and co-founder of Momenta Group, LLC, a communications company which owns Momenta Workshops and Momenta Creative.

Photography: For over a decade, I ran Jamie Rose Photography & Associates, based in Washington, D.C. My photography assignments ranged from covering the President at the White House to humanitarian crises in the developing world. Currently, my portfolio is represented by Aurora Select and my assignments are handled through Momenta Creative.

Workshops: In 2009, the ever-awesome Chris Anderson and Seth Butler asked me to join Momenta as the Director of Workshops. At Momenta, we have 1-day, domestic and international workshops in the US and around the globe for beginning, intermediate and professional photography and multimedia. Our programs focus on working with nonprofits primarily and our Project Series is produced in collaboration with Leica Camera.

To see the latest lineup of workshops and use your photography as a force of change, visit http://www.momentaworkshops.com.

The Blog: Jamie’s List started thanks to Lawrence Jackson (the outstanding photographer currently serving on Mr. Obama’s visuals team).  In the early 2000s, I started texting a small group of photographers about happy hours and fun events in DC. The text messages became emails as people asked to be included and the list grew.

Soon, the List was over 100 people. Lawrence said, “Why not start a blog?” Almost a decade later, Jamie’s List has exploded into not just DC events but a gallery opening, job posting, networking, photo sharing, sell your gear, social event, you-name-it blog for people around the world!

You won’t see anything on here about my personal life or selfies. This is a blog dedicated to helping connect all the hard working creatives and journalists out there.

Subscribe: Please feel free to click on the top right side of this page and you can get daily email updates from the List.

If you’d like to post something to the blog, please email jamie {at} momentaworkshops.com and I’ll happily post it if the content is relevant to the blog’s mission!


5 thoughts on “About Jamie

  1. Hello Jamie!
    I was looking for info about Niki Khan to compliment her on so many Wash Post covers and fantastic imagery. I met “young Niki” when she was a student of Libby Cullen at AU and have been so proud of meteoric rise to the top of the Post’s photo talents! And so I found your site. I love the pano image on this page!!! I’d love to be added to the list.

  2. Jamie,

    I share a 2500 sq. ft. studio with another professional shooter in Merrifield, Va. (near rt#50 & beltway and 3 blocks from Dunn Loring metro station).

    Was hoping to get the word out that we rent the space by the day, week, or project and currently have an opening for a sublease share which includes an office.

    Studio has a drive in bay door, 16 ft. ceilings, kitchenette, dressing room with makeup area, and many extras.

    thank you,


  3. Hi Jamie,

    Thank you again for coming into class last night at Corcoran. Your lecture on Momenta and your personal works/experiences were very insightful. I know that the whole class really enjoyed all of your stories.

    I also have personal blog (the link above). My photography posted now are all 4×5 film scans. I am excited for any feedback you can give. Thank you.

    Chris Cunningham

  4. Your work is incredibly beautiful, and you have captured so much. I stumbled upon your blog, and took a look at your personal website and gallery. The photo story Abandoned: Kenyatta’s Orphans was especially poignant and powerful. I volunteered in a maternity hospital in South Africa and can relate to some of the heartbreak.

    I think you would be interested in a new project I am a part of, called Dog Meets World. DMW aims to put personal photographs in the hands of global children. Travelers photograph local children, print the pictures and give them to the children— for many it is a first personal photograph. You can learn more about the project at http://www.dogmeetsworld.org, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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