Suggested Links

I’ll keep adding to these now and then. You can always search the archives for suggested blogs, links, articles and charities as well.

These are a few of my favorite things from the photo world…

Momenta Workshops:

Momenta Workshops’ Twitter feed:

Leica Cameras:

Photo Mechanic:

PNY Memory (SD & CF cards, memory, & Flash drives):

Momenta’s Instructors:

MeetUp (search “photography”):

Photo Philanthropy:

Photojournalism Links:

Shark Pixel Retouching:

John Harrington’s What We Use series:

Columbia Journalism Review:

The New Orleans Photo Alliance:

Small Business Administration:

Freelance Switch Archives:

These are a few of the nonprofits listed in Jamie’s Charities, an ongoing feature on the blog…

One Mango Tree:

TASO Uganda:


Free Rice:

Audubon Society:

The Humane Society of the US:


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