VIA Zeke Magazine:

Call for Entries: Documentary in the Era of Post-Truth

Are we in a new era of post-truth where facts and truth are no longer a universally accepted norm?

We are seeking stories that strive to tell us the truth about what is going on in the world today. All subject matter is encouraged providing that the objective of the work is based on telling a story as truthful as possible with un-manipulated images and information.

As long as there remains a committed voice for truth as practiced by photographers, journalists, writers, and artists of all types, post-truth cannot find ground to become the definition of our age.

SDN calls on the global community of documentary photographers to fight back and enter this Call for Entries on Documentary in the Era of Post-Truth. We welcome your stories and will do our best to have them seen to counter the creeping narrative of post-truth. Click here to enter.

Deadline for Entries: July 13, 2018

Entry Fee: $30 for up to 30 images
Scholarships available.

Click here for details.

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