SUPPORT: African nonprofit needs internet

Sara B. May, a social documentary photographer from Seattle, is currently working on a long-term documentary project following the lives of children orphaned by the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone. In the course of chronicling their stories, she has had the honor of working closely with a small, local non-profit in Freetown called the the We Yone Child Foundation (WYCF), which provides schools, educations, social welfare counseling, medical assistance and small business grants to over a thousand children and their families in the 2 most impoverished communities of Freetown. While We Yone is desperate for internet access, the costs are prohibitive (they currently pay $70 USD/month for a non-functioning mobile “hotspot” which is the biggest joke of an internet connection ever experienced). Instead, We Yone has been committed to spending what little funds they have on the people and the communities they serve, rather than on office expenses (they work out of the director’s non-air-conditioned, generator-powered living room).

Help Sara raise $5000 for the WeYone internet fund:


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