CALL FOR IMAGES: NorCal, SoCal, Berlin, London, NYC, Chicago, Shanghai

Submit photographs no later than
*FRIDAY, October 28, 5 PM PST*

ViewFind is sourcing images for a client to be used for in-office branding and their brand image library and have a budget to work with!

We are looking for images of:
DIVERSE people between the ages of 25 and 40
Disruptive groups
Positive, confident postures, poses or energy in the images
Iconic locations photographed from unique angles or perspectives
Active, lively images – movement
Spirit and passion, bold ideas
Uncommon patterns or textures
Dramatically lit scenes
A scene that elicits an emotional response

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA: We are looking for images of:
Cyclist racing and/or riding downhill on a trail
Mountain biking
Riding through a forest in NorCal
Gritty, daring, intense
Marin Redwoods!
Surfers on Ocean Beach, Bolinas, etc.
Interesting images of San Francisco
Interesting but generic images of the tech industry in SF
Golden Gate Bridge
Fog around the bridge
Runners going across the bridge
Cyclist going across the bridge
Any interesting angles of the bridge
Windsurfing, sailing around the bridge or in the Bay
Cars – innovation
Iconic buildings and bridges

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA:  We are looking for images of:
Surfing, such as a beach cruiser with surfboard
Cars – innovation
Classic cars
Venice – innovation hub, tech
Cityscape from interesting angles
Cool graffiti
Clean energy

New York: We are looking for images of:
Brooklyn Coffee House
Outdoor activities in NYC or Central Park
High Line
Chelsea art scene
Street art, grafitti
Brooklyn Bridge – cool angles, geometries
Rooftop gardens

Chicago: We are looking for images of:
Sears Tower Glass Platform – an interesting angle
Intuit Outside Art
Revitalized neighborhood
The Plant – a factory turned vertical farm
Crown Foundation – public art
Iconic buildings and bridges
Architecture from the river
Stunning and unique cityscape

Shanghai, Shin Jin:  We are looking for images of:
Dancing lessons in the parks
People outside the Apple Store – focus on the innovative building, not the Apple logo
Interesting geometric shapes and architecture
Stunning and unique cityscapes
Iconic buildings
Anything tech

London:  We are looking for images of:
Stylish people drinking wine
People enjoying an art fair
Tate Modern building – day or night shot
Orbit Slide
Pathfinder Pool – driverless car with London Black Cab

Berlin:  We are looking for images of:
Tech Open Air Event
TV Tower
Street art
Fashionable people
Berliner Burgerbrau
Anything interesting with innovation/tech

Please send low-resolution selects with titles indicating where the images are from through to If the images are accepted, they will have to delivered as high-resolution files.

Thanks so much,

Judy Walgren
ViewFind Editorial Director


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