Florida Park seeks volunteers &/or interns!

The Friends of Jonathan Dickinson State Park (FJDSP) is a non-profit organization that assists Jonathan Dickinson State Park achieve its management objectives that include extensive educational programs for local schools and children’s organizations. Due to State purchasing and budgeting restrictions, the Park relies on membership fees and donations to FJDSP to support the 1.2 million yearly visitors.

In 2014, Florida’s Parks attracted 27 million visitors who contributed several billion dollars to the economy. Accordingly, Florida’s state parks are integral and important part of the State. Programs provided free of charge for students of all ages and of all abilities teach students about nature and conservation and also provide a healthy recreational environment.

We are seeking photography volunteers or photography students interested in doing an internship  to help us promote and make the Friends organization known resulting in growing membership.

By helping to make the Friends known more people, you would free photographic access to help make other citizens know more about Jonathan Dickinson State Park. Despite its 11,500 square acres, this park is not familiar to many of its neighbors who live on Park boundaries.
Any assistance getting the word out for volunteers and help identifying people in Florida who would be willing to help us is greatly appreciated. My contact information is as follows:

Bruce Bain
President of the Friends of Jonathan Dickinson State Park


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