$15,000 in grants for photographers

ViewFind committing $15,000 to fund visual stories on race and ethnic identity

Protests against police violence in Ferguson, Missouri. Migrants risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean. Activists reappraising history as they struggle over the Confederate flag. Ethnic tensions that cross borders.

If you look around, it’s easy to see issues of racial and cultural identity everywhere. And it’s not just the big stories, either. Conversations about who we are and what we believe are happening all over the world, uniting families and healing communities.

ViewFind, the new social platform for visual stories, is proud to announce the inaugural ViewFind Visual Storytelling Grants, which, this year, will award $5,000 each to three photojournalists to explore the theme of race and ethnic identity worldwide.

For ViewFind’s editorial team, choosing this theme was an easy call after seeing the pressing need for more visual voices on these essential issues.

“We chose the theme of race because, well…how could we not?”  said ViewFind Editorial Director Thea Breite, who helped establish the grants. “We have an opportunity and a responsibility to fund work that adds to important dialogue about these issues.”

The grants will be awarded to photojournalists who submit their work for consideration via the ViewFind platform. Judges for the grants include Magnum photographer Eli Reed, Picture Editor and Alexia Tsairis Chair for Documentary Photography Mike Davis, Open Society Foundations Associate Director for Documentary Photography Projects Yukiko Yamagata, and Poynter Institute Senior Faculty member Kenny Irby.

Photojournalists are invited to submit from today through October 9. Judges will determine the recipients and award the three grants by November 23. To apply for the grant, visit viewfind.com/grant

ViewFind is the social platform for visual stories in today’s connected world. We are dedicated to sharing insightful, unexpected stories from photojournalists around the globe. We connect visual storytellers to real people eager to learn more about the world around them. The company offers a custom-designed platform that allows viewers to interact with visual stories and storytellers, while helping photojournalists secure assignments and make money from their work. Learn more — including how to sign up and get involved — at viewfind.com.

For media inquiries:
Thea Breite, Editorial Director


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