Copyright Defenders Need Your Stories (Also, please share this post)

Copyright Office NOI – Share Your Stories!

The deadline for responses to the Copyright Office’s April 24 Notice of Inquiry is rapidly approaching.

ASMP and a coalition of artists’ organizations have been hard at work on a unified response to this critical opportunity for us to help shape what coming legislation looks like.

Help us create a greater impact by sharing your stories about:

• obstacles that keep you from registering your copyrights regularly
• experiences you’ve had with take down notices or cease and desist letters
• difficulties finding attorneys willing to represent you against infringers
• challenges you’ve faced in trying to enforce your copyrights in Federal Court
• difficulty enforcing monetary judgements or collecting compensation from infringers
• or any other experiences you’ve had that would help inform the Copyright Office and Congress of the challenges facing photographers under the current system.
We would like to share as many photographer’s stories as possible so we’ve extended the deadline to Friday, July 17.

If you have not already written us, or if you have additional comments to share, please send your stories to: by Friday!

If you’re not already familiar with the issues, please read ASMP’s Copyright Reform webpage at, particularly the 5 questions posed in the NOI.

We hope you will consider lending your support to this important cause by joining ASMP today. Visit for details and our online membership application.

You can also contribute by donating to ASMP’s Legal Action Fund.


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