LEARN: Nonprofit Photography & Biz Skills Workshop – San Francisco

Project San Francisco 2015: Working & Photographing with Nonprofits
in collaboration with Leica Camera

The Leica Store
San Francisco, California

September 16 – 20, 2015

Limited Enrollment:
Registration is limited. Only 2 spots remaining for this workshop.

Learn more and find registration links here.

Join Momenta and our friends at the Leica Store and Leica Akademie for our very first San Francisco nonprofit workshop! We assign each student a different nonprofit, based on your interests and goals for your photography. Together, we’ll work  to help you create a photo story that speaks to the mission of the organization. You’ll also get nightly lectures and a full day of business skills training. Plus, this experience includes daily, 1-on-1 editing sessions with an instructor to go over all your photos in an personal, focused feedback session.

What To Expect
  •  You will receive your own nonprofit to work with, based on feedback from our pre-workshop student questionnaire
  •  Momenta handles all pre-workshop logistics for nonprofit assignments including introductions to each nonprofit occurring about 1-2 weeks before the workshop
  •  Your work benefits small, local nonprofits in their need to publicize & project their activities to new audiences
  •  Momenta presents an intensive instruction on Photo Mechanic & photo asset archiving. And you will receive a 2 month free demo copy of Photo Mechanic
  •  Nightly slideshows & group critiques combine
  • You also receive private, 1-on-1 editing sessions with an instructor for approximately 1 hour each day
  •  Presentations including topics of narrative storytelling, elements of a photo story, & history of documentary photography
  •  Voluntary multimedia instruction & editing for interested attendees
  • A full day of business skills workshops including How to Fund Personal Projects, Grantwriting & Crowdfunding Tips, Making Nonprofits Work for Your Business Model, and more.
Learn more: http://momentaworkshops.com/workshops/project-san-francisco-2015-photography-and-multimedia-workshop-working-with-nonprofits/

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