JOB: Visual Product Designer – NPR – DC

As a Senior Visual Product Designer, you will be involved in every aspect of design process, from concept development to inspecting pixels just before launch. You will rely on a full range of design skills from interaction design to product design to visual design. This role represents design on multidisciplinary project teams, working with interaction designers, product managers, and developers. Your job is to drive product vision and foster positive digital experiences for millions of NPR consumers.

Essential Duties Include:

  • Create elegant and useful design systems that define the NPR digital experience across platforms.
  • Distill complex interactions into clear, understandable design solutions and communicate them to stakeholders.
  • Create end-to-end design experiences, interaction models and design systems.
  • Work closely with interaction designers and audience research analysts to transform data into defensible design solutions.
  • Recommend user research for new and existing products, and make recommendations for change.
  • Collaborate and interact daily with a team who are as passionate about the user experience as you are.
  • Work in a highly efficient, interactive design process using minimal documentation to support your vision.
  • Work closely with developers to help build prototypes and refine working products.



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