JOB: Multimedia – Laramie County Community College – Wyoming



A photo and video portfolio is required for this position. Please provide a link in your cover letter where we can access that information. The video should be no longer than two minutes.


A cover letter detailing how you meet the minimum qualifications as well as your knowledge, skills, and abilities is required for this position.


Job Summary:

The primary responsibility of the photographer/videographer is to record images of college events and the LCCC experience as a whole, either with still photography or videography. The photographer/videographer must schedule studio or on-location shoots and take the photos and/or video. The photographer/videographer must also distribute the images to event organizers, graphic designers, or other parties, as well as catalog the images and video in a searchable database.

Secondary responsibilities of the photographer/videographer may include backing up the graphic designers and creating designs for use in advertising and publicizing the college. The photographer/videographer also is responsible for submitting photos and videos to the college’s social media coordinator and cataloging the archive of photos and videos taken throughout the college’s history.


This is a Professional Level I position. For Salary Schedule and Benefits Information please visit: For full listing of benefits, visit Benefits and Salary.


Priority Screening Date: Position is open until filled. Priority screening to begin July 8th, 2015.


Starting Date: August 24, 2015.


For information about Cheyenne, visit


Essential Functions:

•           Take photos and video of all major college events.
•           Maintain a database of photos and video displaying elements of the LCCC experience.
•           Maintain an easy to use file system with contact sheets for digital photography and film photography.
•           Make decisions on design based on college priorities.
•           Take headshots for employee directory.
•           Make recommendations of equipment and software for photography needs.
•           Hire and supervise freelance photographers (when necessary) and work studies to work on various projects.


Nonessential Functions:   An employee in this position may perform some of these responsibilities on an infrequent basis.

•           Assist graphic designers when needed.
•           Assist with secretarial functions when necessary.
•           Proofread documents for errors when designing.
•           Other duties as assigned.




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