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PHOTOBOOK 2015, an annual competition, is open to photographers in the United States and abroad* who have self-published a photobook.  There are growing options available for self-publishing a book such as on-demand (blurb, lulu, viovio, iphoto, etc.); small run offset or web printing/publishing firms, binderies. If they have been hand-made/bound, they must be available in multiples of at least 25.

Entrants may submit up to three different titles that are self-published photography books of any size, format, or style.

Submissions will be judged on the basis of: book design including page layouts, text, cover; strength of the photography;  and emotional impact of the overall book. All judging is at the complete discretion of the gallery/museum and all decisions of the gallery/museum are final.

All Submissions must be original works of authorship created by the photographer who submits the Submission

You’ll send one (returnable) “jury copy” of each book to the gallery for jurying.

By entering, Contestant warrants that your Submission does not infringe any third party’s rights, and that you have obtained any necessary permissions from any third party to submit the Submission.

Once entered, all Submissions are final; no changes or edits may be made to your book.


The fee for submission of up to three books is $35.


Entries must be received (in hand) by October 20, 2015


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