AWARD: John Alexander / Above the Fray Fellowship

Above the Fray, a fellowship in conjunction with NPR, is the keynote program of the John Alexander Project.

The Above the Fray fellowship is designed to give a promising radio journalist the opportunity to cover important but under-reported stories from a location abroad. One fellow will be selected each year based on a winning proposal to report from a region lacking significant mainstream media attention. The selected individual will spend three months filing on-air and online stories for NPR.

Important Dates

2015 Application Posted: May 1
2015 Application Deadline: July 1, 11:59 PM EST
2015 Application Receipt Notification: July 3
2015 Selection Notification: July 31

Application requirements

Please submit the following components as a PDF, referring to the submission specs at the bottom of this page. Above the Fray is for storytellers, so by all means, tell us a story or two.

1. Resume
Simple as that. Please check to make sure that you are eligible. [More Details]

2. Letter: Why you? (300-500 words)
Introduce yourself. We will be dropping you in a foreign country without a safety net. What should convince us the fellowship is safe with you? Why are you suited for this challenge now, at this point in your life?

3. Long Answer: Pitch (700-1000 words)
Sell us on a story idea based in a foreign region not regularly covered by NPR. Provide details about possible story lines, characters and how you would cover the story on the radio. You will have three months to develop and tell this story, so make it good. The world is literally your oyster. [More Details]

4. Short Answer: Wild Card (100-400 words)
What else should we know about you? Surprise us.

5. Short Answer: Work Samples (50-200 words each)
Provide links to two (2) of your favorite on-air radio reporting samples and context for each, including any challenges you may have faced along the way. Please be sure to check that your links work. [More Details]

6. References (50-200 words each)
Provide contact information for two (2) professional references: name, title, email and telephone. Tell us why these individuals have been important to you. Please put your references on alert that we may be contacting them mid-July for response by end of month. [More Details]

Submission Specs

Please consolidate all six application components into a single (1) PDF document titled with your name: ATF_2015_Last_First.pdf.

Send your application PDF as an email attachment to no later than July 1, 11:59 PM EST. Please also paste elements 2-6 into the body of your email as plain text.

One email per applicant, please. We’ll get back to you by July 3 to confirm that your application has been successfully received.

If for any reason you have further questions about how to apply that are not addressed here, please direct those to us at

More here:


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