Update :: Fairfax Co. Parks Photo Permits

Hello everyone!

As you have all previously been involved in reporting on the efforts to change the Fairfax County Parks Photography Permits process, I’m sending along an update as a result of tonight’s Board vote on the changes that their staff proposed.

In summary:
The permit fee is greatly reduced, but not eliminated and is somewhat more complex
All current fees are suspended, effective immediately, until the new fee is implemented July 1st, 2015
The new policy completely fails to address the majority of the reasons that prompted this effort to begin with
The Parks Authority staff have been quoted in the media as supporting all “news gathering” activities without restriction in their parks; however the new policy, as tabled tonight, does not actually articulate this

Proposals for methods to increase communication and cooperation between photographers and parks staff have stalled or disappeared
The Parks Board staff are “very pleased” with the results
I’ve written more about the details here including a comparison between the old policy and the new policy.

It’s been a very long seven months and without your efforts to help spread the information I am absolutely confident we would not have seen even this small success. On behalf of all the photographers who will benefit from this small change, thank you for all your efforts.

Kat Forder Photography
5800 Main Street, Suite 4,
Elkridge MD, 20175


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