JOB: Disney Intern – NYC

Education & Outreach Intern
Disney Theatrical Group – Summer 2015

Job Description

It’s the magic of immersing yourself in a motion picture masterpiece, or a new track from your favorite band, or the spectacle of a live Broadway show.  It’s hard to define and even harder to create, but that’s what we do at The Walt Disney Studios.  Ours is a culture of innovation, collaboration and creativity.  We raise the bar, then step over it, blazing trails through the production and distribution of world class entertainment around the globe.  If you want to help tell compelling, enduring stories through movies, music or stage plays, then we want to hear from you.

The Walt Disney Studios encompasses the creation, production, promotion, sales, acquisition and domestic and international distribution of live-action and animated motion pictures, DVD releases, live stage plays, and music and soundtrack recordings.


The Education & Outreach intern will work on a variety of projects, including:

Standardization of Program Assets: the intern will work to standardize the format and look of administrative and programmatic documents related to DTG’s education programs, especially programs being adopted by third party presenters.
Department Collateral: the intern will work on printed and digital content for the department (including flyers, applications, and assessment tools).
The Lion King Experience: as we continue to roll out The Lion King Experience, the intern will assist in making updates to materials and document the release of this program and its impact on schools across the nation.
KIDS/JR. collection: the intern will assist with the re-release of current KIDS and JR. titles in DTG’s update format.
Departmental Inventory: the Education Department has been in existence for eight years and has developed a critical mass of assets used in the administration, implementation, and documentation of its products and programs. The intern will create an inventory and further organize information into platforms like the shared drive and the filing system.
Presentation preparation: the intern will prepare various PowerPoint and printed materials for the education team’s use in conferences and professional development sessions about its expanding efforts.

Basic Qualifications     

Interested in a career in arts-education administration for a cultural organization
Exceptional writing skills
Experience or education in lesson planning and childhood psychology
Passionate commitment to arts-education

Required Education     
Pursuing an undergraduate degree in Educational Theatre or a related field (Arts Education, Applied Theatre, Theatre for Young Audiences, etc.).
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