JOB: Producer/Journalist (Nebraska)

Producer I-Web Journalist/App Dev

Below you will find the details for the position including any supplementary documentation and questions you should review before applying to the opening. Find all info here:


Responsible for managing and designing the production of content for the Platte Basin Time-lapse (PBT) Project’s website and other digital delivery systems.

Designs PBT web front end presentation format, develops data visualizations, maps and other interactive and/or app features.

Creates, produces, and edits multi-media humanities and science content for the PBT Project. Media content can include producing short and long form video and stills segments, interactive web components, data visualizations, social media, and web design.

Develops and manages PBT blog and social media applications.

Responsible for PBT image workflow and file management. Coordinates file management, databases and workflow with outside vendors and internal IT support.

Works within a team environment with other creative staff and may lead focused team efforts on a project by project basis in addition to acting as a contributing member of the larger team.

Manages and trains interns/student workers and their schedules to assist the PBT Project. Will be called upon to shoot, direct, write and/or edit EFP style segments, still photo essays, audio interviews, graphics etc. for inclusion in web/tablet presentations and in longer format projects. Will act as a researcher, production assistant and/or editor as assigned on a project by project basis.


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