Biz Skills Workshops: Pro & Student Discounts (San Francisco)


The Business of Nonprofit Photography: San Francisco
Photography as a Force of Change™ in collaboration with LEICA

This exclusive workshop will help you grow your nonprofit clientele and create a funding plan for your dream projects. Our business skills curriculum is the cornerstone of the Momenta Workshops model. With our lectures, panel discussion, handouts, and guided question-and-answer sessions, you will join a group of like-minded photographers to explore nonprofit business models.

Please note: Seating is limited for this workshop to ensure the intimate nature of the group discussions and it has already begun to fill up.

What To Expect
  • Lecture #1: Funding Your Personal Project
  • Lecture #2: Making Nonprofits Work for Your Business
  • Panel discussion: Local photo editors, photographers and marketing directors  from multinational nonprofits and newspapers will discuss how to get hired
  • Q&A Session: Fellow attendees will be able to engage in a question and answer session with the panelists & instructors
  • A 2-hour Lunch with Leicas program
  • Topics Covered: Grant writing; successful crowdfunding approaches; corporate sponsorship; billing, photo rates; client financial negotiation; researching a personal project; international vs. domestic nonprofits; how to get hired by nonprofits; how to create a portfolio that is marketable, and so much more!

Available Discounts

We value the importance of investing in educational growth. Therefore, we offer all college students a 10% discount on any workshops if requested.

We also offer discounts for members of the military and a number of professional organizations including but not limited to ASMP, ASPP, EP, NPPA, PPA, Clickin’ Moms, NAPP & WPJA.

Please call our offices at 202 688 1448 or email to get the discount codes and conditions.



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