Discounts for Biz Skills Workshops (Los Angeles)

The Business of Nonprofit Photography: Los Angeles
in collaboration with Leica Camera

Photography as a Force of Change™
This exclusive workshop will help you grow your nonprofit clientele and create a funding plan for your dream projects. Our business skills curriculum is the cornerstone of the Momenta Workshops model. With our lectures, panel discussion, handouts, and guided question-and-answer sessions, you will join a group of like-minded photographers to explore nonprofit business models and find ways to make this business expansion sustainable and profitable for you.

Please note: seating is limited for this workshop to ensure the intimate nature of the group discussions. Registration has sold out for all other workshops of this series. We recommend reserving your space immediately.

A one-day business skills bootcamp.
  • Captivating panel discussion with 3 professional editors and photographers on how to collaborate with nonprofits and interact with editors to get paid work
  • Includes our two Momenta core lectures: Funding Your Personal Project & Making Nonprofits Work For Your Business Model
  • Lively Q&A session on relevant topics for working photographers to grow their business
  • Lunch with Leicas Program where you can take a Leica camera out for a spin!

Available Discounts

We value the importance of investing in educational growth. Therefore, we offer all college students a 10% discount on this workshop with the code STUDENT.

We also offer discounts for members of the military and professional organizations including ASMP, ASPP, EP, NPPA, PPA, Clickin’ Moms, NAPP, & WPJA by using the code PRO.

Please call our offices at 202 688 1448 to inquire about discount codes and conditions.

Read more & find registration details here:


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