2 Free Immigration Doc Screenings (NYC)

There will be 2 free screenings this Friday, Dec 5 of Small Truths: The Immigration Experience through the Eyes of Children:

1) During the Anchoring Achievement Half-Day Symposium Serving Mexican Population’s Educational Needs

2) At makerspace.nyc

Small Truths, a children’s immigration story,  was conceived by Sarah Yuster after 11 years of working as a teaching artist doing a literacy/visual arts program with elementary school students on Staten Island’s North Shore.

When given a choice, many of these children who were newly arrived from Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa or the Mideast opted to tell about the difficulties adjusting to a new home with a vastly different language and culture. They often created pieces about family bonds and new friendships which expressed optimism for their new lives.

Yuster and filmmaker, Michael McWeeney are documenting the children’s experiences and artwork so others may hear their voices, their stories…which illuminate the universal desire to lead a purposeful life and see one’s family thrive.

For more information about Small Truths, please visit www.smalltruthsproject.com



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