MIAMI: Maggie Steber workshop!

MIAMI MYSTERY: with Maggie Steber

Join the Leica Akadamie for a night time search for photographic mystery in the streets of Miami with world renown photographer and visual storyteller Maggie Steber.

After dusk, Miami changes into a film set, simultaneously dark and mysterious and bright and sensuous, against which any number of dramas are played out in the night.   Miami, where people come to make a new name or lose an old identity, to seek fame and fortune or to hide out from it, where the rich party the night away in clubs while the homeless look for a safe place to sleep…….we find the perfect setting for NOIR MIAMI.

It’s street shooting at night and movie-set Miami is the backdrop as we search the streets for Miami Mystery.

In this workshop, we review work by various photographers who have used light and shadow to create a film noir look to their photographs. Noir cinema was popular from the 1940s to the late 50s using light and shadow to describe passion and intrigue.
We will go out as a class to an area and look for settings, alleys, lonely streets, crowded streets where people are silhouetted against art galleries, street corners and restaurants.  Each photographer can create an essay of mystery by a theme, place, or idea.   Or, if we choose, we can work on one big idea as a class, with each photographer or a team of photographers working on different aspects which we bring together at the end of the workshop.

The class will be held for 3 nights: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
We will meet for class at 5pm the first day and later venture out to do our first night of shooting. We will meet the second day at 5pm (or earlier if it suits all the students)  to review the previous evening’s photographs and then head out again. The workshop is recommended for anyone who wants to venture out to shoot at night and explore the mysteries and the dark side of Miami but in a safer environment. Student should own a digital camera but can shoot film as well if they like. Keep in mind we need to be able to see the images the next day for review.  It could also be helpful to have access to a tripod although it is not required and we can, because of the digital cameras, change our ISO to a fairly high setting and be more mobile.

This workshop is good for almost everyone from beginning photographers to those who are already adept but want to try their hand at something new and challenge themselves to think about how to tell DIFFERENT kinds of stories  in NEW ways.

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