The Graying of AIDS

This Indiegogo project is almost 50% funded as of today and has a very good likelihood to change a lot of people’s lives as they struggle with this disease. Please consider a donation to Katja & Naomi’s very ambitious and relevant project. -Jamie of the List

The Graying of AIDS: Stories From an Aging Pandemic” challenges how we think about HIV and AIDS, and how we think about aging.

This first-ever documentary project on HIV and aging around the globe is a collaboration between a photographer and a health educator. We began work on this series of formal portraits and oral history interviews at AIDS2012 in Washington, DC, where we collected stories from 13 countries, 13 US states, DC, and Puerto Rico.

But to create a truly representative collective portrait of the aging of this global pandemic, we need more diversity, and more stories from different corners of the world. It’s important for so many reasons – it’s a documentary record of a historic moment, an educational resource, and an advocacy tool.

Help us complete “Stories From an Aging Pandemic” by supporting our Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds to continue this series at AIDS2014 in Melbourne in July:

Thanks for your support, and thank you for sharing our campaign with your friends!


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