JOB: Exec. Director (PhotoPhilanthropy)

San Francisco, CA

About PhotoPhilanthropy
PhotoPhilanthropy is a non-profit founded on the shared passion for change among social agencies, photographers, issue advocates and an engaged public. Our awards and exhibitions programs are designed to promote, curate and drive visibility for outstanding social change photography from all over the world. After 5 successful years working with photographers from more than 88 countries, PhotoPhilanthropy stands at an important crossroads and we are seeking a visionary, entrepreneurial leader to create a second founding moment that will lead to new understandings of the power of photography to drive social awareness and impact for the most important issues of our time.

About the Executive Director
PhotoPhilanthropy is searching for an experienced entrepreneur eager to apply his/her skills in the social sector and put a personal stamp on a dynamic global brand based on the power of art to drive social awareness. The Executive Director will greatly enhance our social impact by building on a prestigious Activist Awards brand, expanding our use of exhibitions and mobile content on new media platforms, and solidifying our financial model to include a broad spectrum of funding and community partnerships.

Photography is in a renaissance, and has never been more ubiquitous or relevant as a social tool. We are looking to explore new, sustainable business models for visual engagement and media distribution. The Executive Director will be responsible for leading a small, efficient team to greatly enhance the reach and prestige of our Activist Awards, and maximize the opportunities in mobile/social media platforms. The ED will be experienced and savvy with prototyping programs, developing organizational and marketing strategies, crafting strategic partnerships with leading issue advocates and social media companies, and creating solid funding partnerships and revenue streams that will ensure stability and growth. In partnership with the founder, the ED will build and expand the organization’s globally recognized brand and network.

Top Responsibilities:

1. Create a sustainable business model that maximizes an established brand, unique industry trends, and rich organizational resources. Possible roads to financial sustainability and growth include strategic partnerships, engaging corporate, foundation and community funding partners; and exploring and building earned income streams. A key function will be to assess, plan and execute on growing our income and funding base.

2. Greatly enhance the scope and prestige of the Activist Awards, creating a marquee event that builds community, rewards excellence, and drives the industry forward. The Activist Awards competition and celebration is an opportunity to collaborate with the Photographers Circle to drive multi-platform awareness campaigns, curate excellent photography and develop exhibitions that advance social change.

3. Building a sustainable organization
From developing a small and powerful team, to reflecting on impact measurement and developing new measurement tools to working with a highly engaged board, there is an opportunity to put strategic organizational development at the center of your leadership.

Critical Mindsets:
You are an entrepreneur who is results-oriented, thrives on solving problems and is willing to take calculated risks. You are comfortable in a Build-Measure-Learn loop as we seek to define a working model, and are open to different approaches, partnerships, and vehicles.
You are a change agent, passionate about the power of photography as a vital social impact tool.
You lead from a strategic place, keeping the big picture in mind while supporting the needs of a growing organization.
People trust you. You have a flexible way of thinking and operating, along with strong decision-making abilities to resolve problems quickly move forward.
Preferred Qualifications:
Proven experience starting and growing a new enterprise, or a new division or program of an existing organization or company. Experienced in managing a P&L and developing partnerships.
Strong media, marketing and communications background; very fluent in all social media platforms.
Comfort working in a lean, nimble, entrepreneurial environment where you are the strategist, the dealmaker, and the implementer.
Superb communicator and leader.
Experienced in fundraising in the non-profit sector, either through a staff or board role.
Creative and innovative, comfortable taking risks.
Results oriented; you set goals, execute efficiently, and assess impact.
How to Apply:
Please send your resume and a one page cover letter to We look forward to hearing from you. We are also welcoming referrals and nominations of candidates from friends, colleagues and members of the PhotoPhilanthropy network. Please share this post on LinkedIn.

Earliest Start Date: July 1, 2014


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