Gear Sale (Canon, Black Rapid, Lowepro) UPDATED

Just cleaned out the office & are selling a pile of gear we don’t use anymore! You can make an offer on 1 piece, a group of pieces, or the whole kit & kaboodle! Shipping available for outside of the DC area. Delivery available around the DC area with the right offer. Happy hunting!
1. Canon 5D body (Camera strap, original box and paperwork) SOLD

2. Black Rapid camera strap (brand new) SOLD

3. 2 LowePro Compu-Rovers ($120/ea or $200/pair) SOLD

4. Canon LiDE 3.0 Scanner (USB, no batteries or power cord needed)

5. Canon 1.4x II Extender (used less than 10 times)

6. Canon 220 flash & leather case

7. Canon A2E film camera + body cap & strap

8. Lowepro S&F technical belt (brand new)

9. Targus Bluetooth presenter for Mac

10.  Ikan PT3000 15″ Teleprompter (used 2 times)

11. Lowepro Ridge 10 P-n-S case (brand new)

12. Canon Battery charger CB-2LX

13. UV Haze filter 77mm

14. Promaster Rechargable Battery charger

15. Tiffen 25 Red 1 – 77mm  filter

16. Memorex Data Keychain (phone #s, stopwatch, password securities, timer, clock)

17. 2 Prat Paris leather portfolio books (1 8×10; 1 8.5×11)

18. Canon 50mm f/1.8 FD lens (old school mount)

19. Lowepro camera card holder

20. Totally random pile of Canon stuff + Airport International Think Tank separators

22. Cokin Yellow +1/3

23. Canon off camera cord (for those of you who need a cheap solution)

24. Lowe Pro PR Mini Roller bag  (inside) SOLD

25.  Archival PLUS Clear*File 35mm negatives & slide + 120mm Transparencies SOLD!

26. Canon lens cover & body cap (still in the bag)

27. HD Flip video camera



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