Help Louie’s Kickstarter with $5.

Here are my thoughts on really good Kickstarter campaigns like this one below. If everyone on Jamie’s List gave $5 for this amazing work, Louie would totally make his goal. So would most crowdfunding projects.  That’s not even a beer in most bars. You’d buy these guys a beer, wouldn’t you? How about helping to fund a dream instead? Just a thought…. -Jamie

From Louie Palu:

“Dear friends,

I am launching a fundraising campaign for my documentary film “Kandahar Journals” about my time covering the war in Afghanistan from 2006-2010. I have organized a crowd funding campaign through Kickstarter to complete the film. For three-years my crew and I have worked for no pay and used our own money for expenses. Now we need your help to reach the finish line as the editing and post production costs are enormous.

Here is a link to the Kickstarter page.

Please check it out, donate and or share. Thanks to those of you who have already contributed, endorsed and shared the Kickstarter link!

Please help spread the word!
Facebook page:
Follow on Twitter: @loupalu
Follow on Instagram: @louiepalu


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