JOB: Multimedia Photographer (FL)

University of Florida Health Center in Gainesville, FL:

This customer-focused employee produces high-quality, appealing photos and multimedia packages that promote UF Health through an established news bureau operation and a range of other print and electronic media. This employee is a professional photographer/photojournalist, multimedia producer, art director, and photo editor who is competent in a variety of photography/production environments. This employee also participates in process enhancement for the creative services team and UF Health Communications.


1. Co-manages fulfillment of photographic needs for UF Health, by planning and acquiring images for projects, such as brochures, newsletters and Web sites. Works with internal and external clients to direct and organize projects and photoshoots to ensure using the very best images for a wide variety of editorial, marketing, educational and fundraising needs. At times works closely with a graphic designer who will art direct special photos. Independently develops ideas for photographs and multimedia packages and captures “slice-of-life” photos on his/her own initiative.

2. Edits and tones photos for use in internal and external publications and projects, Web sites, and audiovisual media in support of news, public relations, marketing, educational and fundraising programs.

3. Produces multimedia pieces for the Web and other media, and coordinates with UF’s other units to facilitate distribution of photos and multimedia packages to support office and overall university communication objectives. Performs other public relations tasks as needed, including writing cutlines and other text in support of news, photographic and public relations projects.

4. Maintains expertise on the latest technology and trains communications colleagues in the fundamental shooting and editing skills necessary to take and upload images and multimedia packages to the Web. Helps to identify and supervise photographic and/or multimedia intern.

5. Assists and escorts news media and production crews for news conferences or photo/video production needs, and works closely with broadcast personnel and other colleagues on assignments as needed. Works with clients, physicians and patients to ensure HIPAA compliance.

6. Contributes to new policies and procedures governing photography, including creation of photography forms. Manages a searchable photo archival system and Web-based image gallery. Responsible for assembling and maintaining equipment needed for digital photography on location and in a modified studio setting. Must continually be budget-conscious in the planning and execution of the photography program. Also responsible for ensuring photography projects stay within budget and are executed in a timely fashion to prevent costly delays, late charges or rework. Maintains and cares for all photographic equipment, which must be protected and kept secure.

7. Is available to cover press conferences and “breaking news” regardless of when it occurs, including after hours.

8. Takes portraits of key faculty and administrators for the health system. Interacts routinely with a broad spectrum of internal and external constituents, including (but not limited to) faculty, students, staff, senior administrators, media and other UF Health service areas. Also may have contact with patients, alumni, private donors, legislators, representatives of regulatory/funding agencies, community leaders, visiting faculty and dignitaries.

Apply at:    Requisition# 0905198   Posting end date:  3/31/2014  Salary: $35,000 – $45,000


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