Please donate $5 to Her Aim Is True.

Jini Dellaccio spent her middle-age shooting iconic album covers for the Godfathers of punk, rejecting the usual boring band line-up and changed the formula of rock photography establishing herself in the mid 60s as one of the most exciting, innovative composers in the field. She was doing this almost a decade before Annie Leibovitz picked up a camera but you have never heard of her.

Watch the trailer:

The film has been completed thanks to a lot of hard work, pro bono help and the generosity of previous donors. But they need $35k to cover distribution costs including licensing original music soundtrack and archival material in the film that is subject to copyright.

Without the money, the film can not be screened, broadcast or seen by the public — or participate in film festivals after April 2014. The film can not even be shown as part of arts education & advocacy, or for programs that empower and mentor girls’ – until these costs are covered.

This film is about a woman in the arts, with an incredible legacy in photography and has been produced, directed and edited by women. If you support films about women and women film makers, please give $5 to help. It’s the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks!

What will you do with $5 today? Buy a cup of coffee? Or support and share our Shero Pledge?

Pledge now  so Her Aim Is True can reach audiences everywhere!



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