JOB: 3 Summer Internships (Iowa)

The Telegraph Herald (TH) is a “general interest” daily newspaper published in Dubuque, Iowa 365 days a year. The TH’s total weekly readership is 104,000 in the Dubuque tri-state area of Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois. The TH specializes in local and regional news coverage, but offers a comprehensive package of state, national and international news as well.

The Telegraph Herald has 3 summer internship opportunities.  Please review the descriptions below.

Reporter Intern: Primary responsibilities include writing news and
feature stories, meeting deadlines, adhering to policy and
journalistic ethics, and monitoring ongoing news and issues.
Qualified candidates must have excellent basic writing skills and
the ability to find and gather information both words and images for
the newspaper print edition and web site. A valid driver’s license
is required.

Photo Intern: Primary responsibilities include taking photographs
and videos, assigned and through initiative. Ability to download
and edit still photos and videos as well as provide accurate
identifications and caption information. Qualified candidates must
have experience in photography, particularly photojournalism on
the college level. Familiarity with software for photo editing and
video editing. A valid driver’s license is required.

Copy Editor Intern: Primary responsibilities include select, edit
and design page content for print product and online content.
Meet page flow deadlines and coordinate edition content with
editors. Qualified candidates must have familiarity with current
events and history. Also, the ability to grasp and adapt to new
technology. Evening and weekend hours applicable as well as
other hours.

To be considered for one of these positions, please apply online at .

TH Media, a division of Woodward Communications, is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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