REVIEW: Portfolio reviews benefit nonprofit (DC; $15)

3rd Annual Photography Seminar and Portfolio Review

*** Space is limited, so sign up today! Open to everyone! ***

Women Photojournalists of Washington (WPOW) and Corcoran Association of Photojournalists announce the Third Annual Photography Seminar and Portfolio Reviews taking place at the Corcoran Gallery of Art from 10a-3p Sunday, February 9, sponsored by Squarespace.

This is a unique and rare opportunity for one-on-one, 20 minute sessions with industry professionals to review your work.

Please pre-register with your $15 donation at: FisheyeConnect
Payment will also be accepted at the door, however only the first 35 people to register can be guaranteed a maximum of two portfolio reviews. There are only a few spots left for guaranteed portfolio reviews!

When: February 9, 2014 from 10am-3pm
Where: The Corcoran Gallery of Art and College, 500 17th Street, Washington, DC
Cost: $15

Sign up sheets for portfolio reviewers will be available upon arrival.

Seminar Speakers and Portfolio Reviewers

Molly Roberts, Chief Photography Editor at Smithsonian Magazine

Molly Roberts is currently Chief Photography Editor at Smithsonian Magazine. As an award winning editor, photographer, and consultant she has contributed to the content and style of many local and national magazines, books and websites and is committed to the power of visual storytelling.

Lexey Swall and Greg Kahn, GRAIN Images

Greg Kahn, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, and Lexey Swall, co-launched GRAIN Images in 2012 with the goal of taking control of their photographic projects, tackling stories of social and cultural consequence, and being a part of a larger, inspired conversation. Prior to GRAIN, Lexey and Greg worked as photojournalists at the Naples Daily News in Naples. Fla.

Confirmed portfolio reviewers for 2014 include:

* Molly Roberts, Chief Photography Editor, Smithsonian Magazine

* Greg Kahn, independent photographer, co-founder, Grain collective

* Lexey Swall, independent photographer, co-founder, Grain collective

* J. Scott Applewhite, staff photographer, Associated Press

* Sherry L. Brukbacher, National Geographic, Digital Media/Daily News

* Charlie Borst, Director of Photography, Education Week

* Monica Corcoran, Managing Editor, Your Shot, National Geographic Society

* Stephen Crowley, staff photographer, The New York Times

* Drew Geraci, multimedia producer, District 7 Media

* Jennifer Beeson Gregory, Features photo editor, The Washington Post

* Susana Raab, independent photographer

* Bethany Swain, independent photojournalist & multimedia producer

* Michael Williamson, staff photographer, The Washington Post

Updated information will be posted on the event page on Facebook.


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