WORKSHOP: Opening Night @ the NSC! (R.I.)

I am so flattered to be ask to open the NPPA Northern Short Course in Photojournalism with a presentation on how to survive a conference like a pro! Here’s how they described it:

“View the winners of the NSC Instagram contest, followed by a special presentation by Jamie Rose, “Present Yourself Like a Pro: A field guide to the NSC”  A veteran NSC attendee and presenter, Jamie Rose will give you the inside tips on making yourself memorable and creating valuable contacts at conference, interviews and networking events.

At her job with Momenta, Jamie sees hundreds of portfolios, business cards and presentations a year from freelancers and pros alike. In this no-hold-barred presentation, she will give you the straight talk you need to take your game to the next level. Jamie will share the best practices tips for presenting your portfolio, asking (not just answering) the right questions during an interview, and how to make lasting connections. Don’t miss this great opening night event!”

Sign up today for this awesome annual event HERE! There are also lots of grants and scholarships still available. So don’t forget to apply!





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