Nonprofit? Win the Emma 25 award!

It’s the tenth anniversary of Emma 25, and we’re officially accepting applications

Emma 25, the annual program in which Emma gives away free email service for life to small, deserving nonprofits, is back! And it’s back in a big way.

Emma 25 is an annual program (now in its tenth year) in which we give away a lifetime of our free email marketing service to 25 small nonprofits. This year, we’re upping the number to 100 because a) it’s been an amazing decade and b) we’re crazy like that.

  • Who’s eligible?

    If you’re a 501(c)(3) (or have applied to be one) and have 10 or fewer full-time employees, congrats – you’re eligible. Existing Emma customers are welcome to apply, and we happily accept applications from nonprofits around the world.

  • What do honorees get?

    Emma 25 honorees receive free Emma service for a lifetime, including:

    • A fully featured Emma account
    • Up to 5,000 contacts per month
    • Unlimited surveys & forms
    • Unlimited support and account help
    • Special classes to master the fundamentals of email marketing
    • Fun Emma goodies
  • How will I know if my organization has been chosen?

    We’ll send an email announcing the honorees in mid-December.

  • What if I don’t have an email list? Can I still apply?

    Yes! Emma comes with web signup forms so visitors to your site can subscribe easily. Also, Emma is a permission-based service. That means we help you stay in touch with folks who’ve asked to receive updates from you, but we don’t provide (or let you send email to) lists that you’ve purchased or rented.


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