“Speed Dating” Peer Portfolio Reviews

Ideas Over Easy “Speed Dating” Peer Portfolio Reviews

20 person limit: Register online at https://asmp.org/education/event/register?venue_id=1091

RSVP Early – Highly Popular Event – Limited Number of Seats

Bring your portfolio to be reviewed by your peers.

Join us Monday, 10/28 for another helping of Ideas Over Easy. Ideas Over Easy is ASMPDC’s continuing series of informal get-togethers to catch up with one another and talk about issues we all share.

This month, we’re meeting at the Leica Store DC for a casual portfolio peer-review session that promises to be both incredibly educational and entertaining! Whip your portfolio into shape – whether it’s a series of prints or a digital slideshow – and rally your favorite photogs to join us for this month’s Ideas Over Easy “Speed Date”!

NOTE: The structure of this meeting is such that each photographer will have his / her portfolio reviewed by another photographer in the group, individually and quietly, face to face, in 3 minute increments. After each 3 minute interval, the reviewer / presenter will change partners until everyone has had a chance to review and be reviewed multiple times. PLEASE make sure you bring a collection of work that can be viewed and commented on in that 3 minute window!

All feedback will be given at the time of the review. Here is a chance to sharpen up your communication skills and form a cohesive presentation visually as well as verbally.

Register online at https://asmp.org/education/event/register?venue_id=1091

Monday, October 28

10:00am – 12:00pm

Leica Store –
977 F St NW
Washington, D.C. 20004


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