ASMP Members: Referendum Election is Open

ASMP Referendum Election is Open

Between now and November 11, ASMP’s General Members and Life Members may vote on proposed changes to the ASMP Constitution. We ask you to:

Read the six Questions that are being voted on
Read the Pro Statement and the Con Statement
Click the “Vote today” link to cast your ballot
Associate and Associate Plus Members have a stake in this election, but cannot vote. However, you can lobby the voting members.

What are the issues? We’re glad you asked…

ASMP Referendum Q&A Session

Join us for an informative webinar addressing ASMP’s upcoming constitutional referendum. Following a brief overview of the proposed changes, members of ASMP’s national board, including Membership Chair Jenna Close, First Vice President Gail Mooney and past President Shawn Henry, will take your questions. Register today!

Tuesday, October 15 – that’s tomorrow!
1:00 – 2:00 eastern


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