JOB: Senior Supervising Editor, Multimedia


We are looking for a leader to explore the frontiers of multimedia. If you have ideas, we’re all ears. And eyes.

We’re looking for someone to help us figure out what “multimedia” means — to translate the heart and soul of NPR’s storytelling in the digital space, and to cultivate new audiences with web-native experiences. It’s a really exciting place to be, and we’re looking for someone as enthusiastic and collaborative as we are.

This person will need to look good in hats because there are many to be worn.

  • Pioneer: Think big! Help define what NPR looks like; push the boundaries of the way we deliver stories in the digital space; foster innovation and build audience; appreciate what works and change what doesn’t.
  • Diplomat: Make friends! Harness NPR’s existing multimedia talent; build relationships with our news, music, design, “news apps” and product teams to strategize areas of coverage with the greatest potential visual impact; facilitate multimedia training efforts at independent member stations; think creatively and collaboratively.
  • Teacher: Inspire us!Keep the team relevant, deliberate and forward-thinking in the industry; evangelize the team’s mission within the organization, industry and beyond. Teachable experience in building beautiful things is a huge plus.
  • Administrator: Provide structure!Have experience building and managing teams, coordinating inter-departmental projects, coordinating field work, and managing budgets, contracts and freelance assignments. This part is maybe the least fun but it’s maybe the most important.

We seek a journalism leader/sympathizer, a talent cultivator — someone with a track record of collaboration, innovation, great storytelling — and the ability to keep a fast-moving train on track.



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