An evening with WHCC: Philly, B-More, Raleigh

You’re invited to enjoy an intimate evening with WHCC. Join us at this free event to see our products, speak with WHCC staff, and enjoy free appetizers and drinks.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see samples of all of our products, hold them in your hands, and ask us those questions you’ve always wanted to ask. We’re coming to you and would love to have you join us!

Reasons to Attend

  • Get your hands on all of our products and options. It’s easier to make decisions on what products you’ll offer your clients if you’re able to see the options in-person rather than just online. Seeing the products first-hand also helps to get ideas and inspiration.
  • Discover the latest products and services we offer. Come see what’s new!
  • Socialize and network with fellow photographers.
  • Speak with WHCC Staff to ask questions, provide feedback and give us suggestions.
  • There are no strings attached. It’s casual, there are no sales pitches, and there is no pressure – just information about what WHCC has to offer.
  • We’ll give you a $25 WHCC gift certificate just for hanging out with us.
  • There’s free food, beer, and wine!

Who Should Attend

  • Photographers: It doesn’t matter what level you’re at.
  • Sales People: It makes it easier to sell photography products if you know all the details about them.
  • If you have Staff or Partners in your business, bring them along too!

What to Expect

It’s an Open House Style event so there are no formal presentations or speakers. We’ll have tables set up with our products spread out and easels with our wall display products. Munch on appetizers and sip on drinks as you browse around to each table and view our products and ask us questions. We typically have seating and/or cocktail tables if you’d like to socialize and grab a bite to eat. Arrive at your convenience and stay as long as you’d like.

Baltimore RSVP:

Raleigh RSVP:

Philly RSVP:


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