LOOK3 Education Week Scholarships: EXTENDED

We’ve extended the deadline for LOOK3 Education Week scholarships!

Applications are now due by 11:59pm on Wednesday, April 17th.

We’re offering 12 full scholarships to LOOK3 Education Week (June 11-15)! Scholarships are open to any photographer who will benefit from professional instruction and needs financial assistance.

Two Days of Courses:
Curate your work across digital platforms with Pamela Chen. Sustain your project through fundraising with Mary Virginia Swanson. Master audio and interviewing techniques with Alex Chadwick and Bruce Strong. Delve into bookmaking with Denise Wolff. Craft your process and sort through your influences with Todd Hido. Learn how design firms, magazines, and galleries work with Staci MacKenzie, Jessie Wender, and Sasha Wolf.

Choose Three Portfolio Reviewers:
Elisabeth Biondi, Pamela Chen, Mike Davis, Alexa Dilworth, David Alan Harvey, Todd Hido, W.M. Hunt, Staci MacKenzie, Lesley A. Martin, Sadie Quarrier, Gordon Stettinius, Bruce Strong, Mary Virginia Swanson, Anne Wilkes Tucker, Jessie Wender, Sasha Wolf, Denise Wolff, and Yukiko Yamagata.

Or, Choose One Editor:
MaryAnne Golon, David Griffin, Elizabeth Cheng Krist, Sarah Leen, Kathy Moran, Kurt Mutchler, Scott Thode, and Susan Welchman.

Apply today!

Special thanks to Canon U.S.A. and Leica Camera for supporting LOOK3 Education Week scholarships.


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