WPOW Seminar and Portfolio Review at the Corcoran

WPOW Seminar and Portfolio Review at the Corcoran

on FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/496781093699065/
Registration, $15 to attend:

Women Photojournalists of Washington and Corcoran Association of
Photojournalists announce the Second Annual Photography Seminar and
Portfolio reviews taking place at the Corcoran from 10a-3p Sunday,
February 3. This is a unique and rare opportunity for one-on-one, 20
minute sessions with industry professionals to review your work.

This year our featured speakers will be independent multimedia
journalist Amanda Lucidon, speaking about funding and producing
independent projects, and Michael Wichita, interim Director of
Photography with AARP Media, who will discuss photography use in news
publications. Portfolio reviewers include representatives from The
Washington Post, NPR and AARP.


Michael Wichita is currently the Interim Director of Photography for
AARP Media. Wichita has worked for the AARP Bulletin for 7 years
working on print and web stories. Prior to that he was the Photo
Editor at Metro Weekly, Washington, DC’s gay and lesbian magazine,
where Wichita began work after graduating from the Rhode Island School
of Design. A strong belief in collaboration, visual storytelling that
mixes art and journalism and the passion of photographers keep him
going. In his spare time Wichita is working on a photo book project.

Amanda Lucidon is an award-winning photographer and multimedia
producer based in Washington, D.C. Lucidon’s work has been recognized
by White House News Photographers Association, National Press
Photographers Association Best of Photojournalism and Pictures of the
Year International, among others. Lucidon is the owner of LucidPix, an
independent photography and multimedia company. She is also the
director of the Legal Stranger Project, a multiplatform documentary
following same-sex couples impacted by the 1996 Defense of Marriage
Act (DOMA). In addition, Lucidon teaches multimedia storytelling as an
adjunct multimedia instructor at Corcoran College of Art & Design and
American University.

Confirmed portfolio reviewers include:

* Amanda Lucidon, Producer and Director, the Legal Stranger project
(Speaker & Reviewer)

* Michael Wichita, interim Director of Photography, AARP   (Speaker & Reviewer)

* Brad Horn, Video Journalist, The Washington Post

* Coburn Dukehart, Photo and Multimedia Editor, NPR

* Jennifer Beeson Gregory, Features Photo Editor, The Washington Post

* Nicole Shea, multimedia editor, AARP

* Charlie Borst, Director of Photography, Education Week

* Jon Elswick, photo editor, Associated Press

* Karen Kasmauski, photographer and producer

* Monica Corcoran, National Geographic Senior Photo Editor

* Sarah Polger, National Geographic Traveland Adventure, Senior Photo Editor


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