Panel Luncheon: Working with a Retoucher

This looks great! Kristi Sherk of Shark Pixel is truly amazing. Her work will astound you and we use her exclusively for all our post production needs for executive portraits and events at Momenta Creative. I’ve used her skills on my portfolio as well. She is very aware of documentary ethics so she never crosses the line if asked to color tone documentary work. HIGHLY recommend this talk! -Jamie


B R O W N   B A G :

There are many times where photographers have wished they had the means to make their images exactly the way they wanted them to appear. A retoucher can be the answer.

Fresh on the heels of last month’s Erik Almas event, we thought we’d start a conversation about working with a retoucher, and how it could benefit your business, career, and reputation.
Retoucher might not even be the right word — Digital Artist or Compositer might be a better fit. The general term retouching has definitely been expanded and re-defined.
Have you worked with a retoucher? If not, would you (should you) consider it?
We have invited three such people to answer your questions, and provide insight into the life of a retoucher. They will talk about their methods, their projects, and how they prefer to work with clients:
If you’re still in town this month, we’d love to have you join us!
Our Brown Bag events are very popular with the community, and this will be no exception.
Bring a friend, or two!
FREE for APA Members // $10 Non-member fee

We hope to see you there!

Thursday, June 28, 2012
Renee Comet’s Photography Studio
2141 Wisconsin Ave. NW Suite 1
Washington, DC 20007

Map & directions


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