Workshop Weekend: Viriginia (Look3)

LOOK3 Master Classes

These intimate gatherings are part workshop and part mentorship; an intense experience with a LOOK3 artist that could change your life and influence your work forever.

Think of it as a unique apprenticeship, an opportunity to learn at close range from the most creative and well-known  artists who are ready to share their motivations, fears, and methods as a way of giving back to the photographic community.

Be inspired and pass it on.

Start a friendship.

Bring your energy to the festival.

Photographing People w/ Eugene Richards

Rethinking Framing and Context w/ Hank Willis Thomas

The Photographic Essay at Home and Overseas w/ Lynsey Addario

Project Editing w/ Maggie Steber & Ernesto Bazan

How to Publish Your Book w/ David Alan Harvey

Mastering Lightroom and Photoshop w/ Julieanne Kost of Adobe

Scholarship Class: Street Smart w/ Bruce Gilden


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