Jamie’s Charities: Find a home for baby Bugsy.

Okay, gang, as you all know, I frequently post suggestions for charities. My sister is a foster parent for the Humane Society of Indianapolis and she wrote the following letter. If you’re looking for an older, potty trained, socialized dog who is used to being in the house alone for 7 hours while you’re at work, is well mannered and a total snuggler, my sister is willing to drive to you! Read below & thanks for indulging this! -Jamie

(PS: I know this has nothing to do with photography but I thought I’d help her find Bugsy a good home!)

Dear Friends and Family:

Last fall, I fostered a pup named Bugsy (photos below). He is a GREAT GREAT  two- year old American Bulldog mix.  He has gone to training and can walk on a lead, sits, understands “not yet” when going out of a door or eating and LOVES to be around people! He still needs a bit a work on commands but mostly because he’s so excited to try cuddle on you that he forgets sometimes. He is housebroken, up-to-date on his shots, gentle and free to a good home.

I had a family for him so I went through the process to adopt him with the idea they would be able to take him starting this year. Sadly, due to their other dog’s situation, they are unable to give him a forever home. I would gladly accept him into the Rose household….IF……I had not adopted a special needs puppy, Griffin, to be a companion to my older dog, Deano. Because Bugsy is also young, training and keeping up with the two of them is more than one person who works full-time can handle.

While I love this baby dog dearly, Bugsy was never supposed to be a full-time member of my family. I am hoping with all of your help we can find him a great home where he will be loved and will shower you with happiness and affection right back!

Please feel free to cross-post all over! I am willing transport him to anywhere across the country if he can find the right loving forever home! Please feel free to contact me with any questions: 317-694-5523.
Thank you,
Sherry Rose


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