Jamie’s Charities: Public Radio & TV

Okay, it’s not a stretch to think a photojournalist would love NPR & PBS. We tell stories in pictures, they tell stories in words or video. It’s all news but the delivery is equally hard to master. If you’ve ever had to sit in rush hour commute without XM or Sirius, you will learn: there are a lot of screaming, bellicose, rude disc jockeys on the air. NPR is the cool breath of calm information on the air ways. Likewise, shows like Frontline help me understand topics like the Financial Crisis and Folk Alley helped introduce me to my new favorite singers, The Wailin’ Jennys & Sarah Jarosz!

No matter how broke I was as a start up freelancer, I still donated to NPR. Some years it was $10. Most years it’s $10-15 a month. I spend more than that at the movies and this way I get more benefit!

And this year I’ve learned one more value of my membership: podcasts! I highly recommend podcasts from Frontline, Wait Wait Don’t Tell, Fresh Air, The Splendid Table &  The Writer’s Almanac. Makes plane rides and airport layovers so much more enjoyable!

Consider donating here:





Remember: If you donate $10 to a charity every day until New Year’s Eve, you will spend less than $100 and get a tax benefit for those donation!


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