Groupon for Today: $25 RT bus tickets to NYC

Bus travel is less stressful than air travel, more eco-friendly than traveling via car, and less likely to facilitate meet-and-greets with ill-natured cartoon villains than tunneling through the earth. Disembark on a dependable method of transportation with today’s Groupon to Washington Deluxe. Choose between the following options:

  • For $13, you get a one-way ticket between Washington, DC, and New York City, with either city as the starting point (up to a $25 value).
  • For $25, you get a round trip to and from New York City and Washington, DC, with either city as the starting point (up to a $46 value).

With more than a million miles collectively under their belts, the drivers of Washington Deluxe ferry passengers in comfort and safety aboard dependable, upscale omnibuses. With a specialty of navigating the busy and often yeti-plagued route between New York and Washington, motorcoach teamsters deftly navigate highways and handle the hassle of driving, leaving passengers free to lounge in the comfort of a meticulously cleaned cabin. Each bus pampers its denizens with pristine bathrooms, and most coaches power up laptops and cell phones with handy outlets and complimentary WiFi. In addition to nestling passengers in clean cabins and ample legroom, Washington Deluxe comforts clients with the confidence that their method of travel reduces air and noise pollution by effectively taking up to 56 cars or 56,000 RC cars off the road.

Click here to learn more and buy:


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