Jamie’s Charities: Madison House

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

While you’ve heard a lot of appeals from me over the last year, I wanted to highlight a few charities from now until the end of the year that do good in the world and have especially touched my heart. If you gave $5 to one charity a day until the end of the year, you’d spend less than $100 and have a larger tax deduction!

First up, Madison House.This amazing charity was started a dear friend of mine and Chris. Here is their mission.

The Madison House Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, was founded by JaLynn and Gregory Prince and named for their son Madison, who is autistic. Now 21 years old, Madison faces a daunting challenge over the next two years, at which time he will no longer be entitled to year-round education and training within the public school system. He will be an adult, and will face another six decades of challenges that are impossible for him alone, but laden with the great possibilities if he has the right kind of guidance and assistance. Madison has the potential for living an enviable lifestyle, holding a full time job in a protected environment, and making a contribution to society rather than being a burden on it. The alternative? Slip through the cracks, as countless thousands of his predecessors have done, or become unwanted burdens on their extended families after their parents leave the scene.

The mission of the Madison House Foundation is to identify the lifelong needs of adults with autism and through education, awareness, and advocacy, fill those needs. The smile on Madison’s face can be permanent, as it can be on millions of other adults with autism. Please join us to keep them smiling.

You can learn more and donate her: http://www.madisonhousefoundation.org/how-you-can-help/

And remember, this is the season of giving gifts. So what better way to honor the spirit of the holidays than to give a gift to a stranger!


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