Grant Writing Seminar: THIS SATURDAY

Washington, DC | One Day Only | $290 per person

“The workshop will cover a comprehensive overview of the entire Grant Writing process. I break it down into four simple parts:

1) The Proposal. We will examine some award winning proposals, including my Guggenheim Fellowship, Lange-Taylor and two Canada Council grants. We will also look at other award-winning proposals, including Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand, and others. We will look at why I wrote what I did, why it was successful, etc. We will talk about the overall structure of writing a proposal, breaking it down into simple steps.

2) The Portfolio. After the proposal, an integral part of a successful grant is the portfolio and the editing of the photographs you choose. We examine what to look for and how to make the portfolio support your proposal.

3) The CV. Many people underestimate the power of a strong CV and its impact on a successful grant. We will discuss what makes a strong CV and how to your ordinary CV into extraordinary.

4) The Grants. I’ll show various websites and calendars that list various grants and their deadlines. We will also look at websites that help you in the preparation and finding of all grants that apply to what you want to do.”


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