Scholarship: $4K for Photojs Returning to School

New Scholarships Available For Photojournalists Returning To School
The National Press Photographers Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of new scholarship money for photojournalists who have returned to school.

NPPF president Mike Smith said the funds are being made available through the Foundation, the National Press Photographers Association, and a grant from the Author’s Coalition of America.

“If you are a photojournalist with three years experience and your work has been published in newspapers, magazines or through agencies, and if you have returned to school in the past year, you are eligible to apply,” Smith said.

“These scholarships are particularly important now when so many photographers have been forced to learn new skills just to keep their jobs, much less find a new one. We are fortunate to have some money to support photographers who are trying to keep up with the head-spinning changes in their industry.”

Six grants of $4,000 each, called the NPPF-NPPA Career Expansion Scholarships, will be awarded this year.

The application deadline is November 15, 2011. Applicants must include a resume, completed application forms (which can be downloaded at ) and recommendation letters from their instructors.

Send your application materials to: Tom Hardin, NPPF vice president, 1622 Forest Hill Drive, Louisville, KY, 40205. Hardin can be contacted by eMail to answer questions about applying, and his eMail address is


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