Thank you, ASMP alerts!

Just a side note, I really love being a member of ASMP just for this reason! I highly recommend investing in your career with membership to this amazing organization. Their programs and alerts like this are so beneficial! -Jamie

Update on Recent U.S. Copyright Office Recommendations

The Visual Arts Division of the United States Copyright Office has ceased sending letters recommending that visual artists submit titles for each work being registered in a “group registration of unpublished images.” We have recently learned, through tests of our own and those of the Copyright Office, that there are previously unknown problems when uploading titles into the current eCO system — errors that do not occur consistently and may not give out any warning signal.

While ASMP does believe that proper titling of the images you register is a good long-term goal, until the eCO system is prepared to receive this information reliably we currently recommend that you do NOT follow the suggestion of adding titles in the “contents title field” of the registration application. For now, we recommend that you continue to follow ASMP Best Practices for Registering. Additionally, ASMP has an instructional podcast that gives you a step by step guide for registering “groups of unpublished images.” This seven-minute instructional podcast is available here.


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