Disc Recovery?

Hey Jamie’s Listers,

Does anyone have any recommendations for good hard drive disc recovery technicians either locally or via mail? I have a client who had all their hard drives fry this weekend and wants someone good, reliable and who gets results.

Leave a COMMENT or EMAIL jamie@momentaworkshops.com.
Thanks! -Jamie


2 thoughts on “Disc Recovery?

    • Thank you everyone! I passed on about 5 recommendations to the client. For all of you out there who are interested or need this in the future, here are some of the other responses:

      “Here’s the closest one in Herndon, VA:
      It’s also extremely expensive.Basically there’s a large fee upfront just for them to look at it…..years ago, when I looked into it, I want to say it was about $800 just to open it up.
      Then you could be in it for an additional $2,000 to $3,000 depending on how hard it is to get the data off.”


      “I used these guys last year when I dropped my hard drive and it wouldn’t spin up:
      It cost me $1400, but they recovered everything. I also had to provide them with a new hard drive to dump the files onto.”

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