JOB: Fast Company seeks photo intern (paid)

Want To Work As A Fast Company Photo Intern?

Fast Company Magazine is seeking an intern to assist with office projects related to the visual side of the magazine and photo research. Duties also include routing photography materials, learning the insides of magazine production and conducting photo research on future story assignments. Interns will gain an understanding of the way the photo, design and editorial departments work together to produce the magazine.

Job Type

Full Time paid internship at $12 hour for 1-2 months depending on your school schedule. Must be able to start by Monday, August 8th. Must receive resumes by Thursday, August 4th. Please send them to


– Provide support for the department staff. These duties include data input using photo department databases, filing records, photocopying, organizing files, and mailing and tracking packages.

– Assist with organizing, tracking, photo assignments, portfolios. Preparing photo rights sheet for web and marketing usage.

– Assist with stock photo research on future story assignments and production of photoshoots.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements

Intern must be working towards a college degree. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, acute attention to detail, and the ability to work independently as required are a must. Familiarity with digital photography and file types are a plus. Experience with Photoshop, Bridge,Photo Mechanics is preferred. Previous photo editing experience through former internships, college courses and/or work on school publications are also favorable. Candidates should demonstrate a love of portraiture photography.




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