Donate your camera/studio gear=Get a tax deduction!

From the ever amazing Noelle at FotoKonbit:

Friends and supporters,

FotoKonbit has had a busy year!  We have permanently established our
base in Haiti and are gearing up for our newest workshops in August.
Our 2011 accomplishments so far include a Time lightbox article,
exhibitions in Port-au-Prince, Miami, and Barbados, and a featuring in
the LOOK 3 Festival of the Photograph.  We have worked with over 100
FotoKonbit participants in Haiti, and we are growing, but we need your

Here are some ways you can support us for our upcoming August workshops:

Check out our B&H wishlist, for as little as $25, you can purchase
some of the supplies we will need:​m/wl/413BFE988C

Donate your old (or new) DSLR camera.  Our students need all the
cameras they can get and will make the most of your donations.  If you
are in the NYC area, we can come pick them up, otherwise we can
provide you a mailing address.

You can also make a tax-deductible contribution to help us build our
first FotoKonbit photo studio by making a donation:

Please be sure to make your contributions by MONDAY AUGUST 1 so that
we get them in time for our workshops.

Also, please spread the word far and wide!  We are a small
organization making a big impact on the lives of our participants, and
we can only do it with your help.

All the very best,

The FotoKonbit team


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