Jenna needs your money! :)

Reposted from Heather H’s newsletter appeal:

Please Help Support All Thrifty States!

In the Name of All Things Green, Up-Cycled, Thrifted and Reused … Please Help Jenna Complete Her Project

Local DC photographer, Jenna Issacson Pfueller, embarked on a 50 state, U.S. tour, working to document the random stuff that American’s throw away.  The project is called All Thrifty States.  Since launch, Jenna has visited Portland, OR and Seattle, WA … all the way to Madison, WI and Chicago, IL … and that’s only the halfway point!

Jenna needs your help to complete the circuit.  Jenna decided to document the wonderful and bizarre things that Americans deem useless enough to give away.  Here’s what happens when someone rents an RV (called HaRVey), gets Goodwill® in on the game plan and starts collecting items a’la Brett Farve fan shirts, old Commodore 64 keyboard‘s and pimp cups.

With Kickstarter funds quickly running out, she needs your help to get back to Phoenix, AZ.  According to her latest blog she’s running out of gas money and needs fundage to get from the Southeast back to Phoenix where she is due on August 8 to turn in the RV. Support the project and shop the ATS store online!

Got change?  $20 from several different donors … aka fellow thrift store lovers … would be more than enough.  Or if you’re feeling generous … join All Thrifty States donor, Joseph, who met Jenna a few days back and generously provided $200!  Way to go Joseph!

If you want to donate or follow Jenna’s travel adventures, checkout her blog online at

We’re working to join Jenna when she hits the southeast corridor, so any funding would greatly be appreciated.  She will be hitting TN around the 21st, so let’s give her a TN welcome and help her get home. Donations can be submitted here.


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